Webinar: Global Data Centre Operations Standards & Guidelines – Your Questions Answered

Are you operating a data centre? Do you know what are the various data centre operations standards and guidelines out there, and what are their pros & cons?

Instead of researching for hours online, join us for a 1-hour interactive webinar with a global data centre expert, and get all your questions answered.

Global Data Centre Operations Standards and Guidelines

In this webinar, Edward van Leent, Chairman and CEO at EPI Group of Companies will answer the typical questions in the minds of data centre operations executives, managers, owners and end-users about data centre operations standards and guidelines.

1. Comparison of Data Centre Operations Standards & Guidelines and How to Benchmark Operations Maturity Levels
Find out what options are available, their scope/coverage and maturity benchmark method enabling you to make the right choice for your organisation.

2. The Global Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS®)
Get an introduction to the first and only Global Data Centre Operations Standard. You will learn which domains are addressed by the standard, what benchmarking and audit options are available including an overview on the certification process and how data centres are using it to their advantage.

3. Q&A Session
Your opportunity to get your questions answered! Pose your questions to a data centre expert with extensive global experience.

Meet the Expert Speaker

Edward-van-LeentEdward van Leent
Chairman and CEO
EPI Group of Companies

Edward has over 30 years of experience in the global high-tech, high-availability and mission-critical data centre industry. With the unique combination of in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the trends and developments in the industry, Edward is the key-driver behind the success of EPI, defining and executing the strategies which grew EPI from a small UK-origin company to become a global organization operating in over 50 countries via direct operations and a large partner network, offering data centre training, data centre audit and certification and consulting services.

Edward is an active member of a number of data centre professional groups including AFCOM, IDCP, FEA, ASHRAE, Green Data Centre Alliance, Data Centre Professionals, Data Centre Architects, Data Centre Facilities Management Group and the Data Centre Engineering Group. He is a canvassing and voting member for BICSI-002 and sits on the TR42 committee (ANSI/TIA-942 standard). He is also the Vice-Chairman of the workgroup for the Singapore Standard for BC/DCR-SS507.

Edward also holds the ISO/IEC-2000 Lead Auditor and Lead Consultant certificates. He has performed over hundreds of data centre audits worldwide and has been selected as the sole auditor under iDA/Spring/PSB to audit mission critical site facilities for clause 4 in the SS507-BC/DR standard.


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