Differences between Cisco Ironport Customer training and Channel Partner Training


End of September I visited Dublin, Ireland, to deliver training on the latest Cisco Ironport technologies for Cisco partners who were aiming for Ironport Partnership. Previously, we have posted another article about Cisco Advanced Security Specialization and I think we should clarify that becoming a Cisco Ironport Authorized Partner is a totally different thing with different requirements. 

I have trained highly skillful participants who were originally from UK, Ireland, and Germany. I am proud that they all are now Cisco Ironport Certified Security Professionals for both Email and Web Appliances. Considering we have already trained partners from Latvia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria and we are now organizing another session in Zagreb, Croatia at 25th of October, I think New Horizons Bulgaria is becoming the leading provider for Cisco Ironport Trainings in our region. 

There are different course tracks from Cisco Ironport. In general we can categorize them into two categories: Customer Trainings and Channel Partner Trainings

Customer trainings are for end users who are using Ironport appliances in their network. Securing Your Email Part I (2 days), Securing Your Email Part II (1 day) courses are for the ones who would like to learn how to plan, implement and troubleshoot C-Series appliances and prepare for Professional level exam.
Securing Your Web course is a two-day course and targets customers who would like to learn how to plan, implement and troubleshoot S-Series appliances and get ready for the Professional level exam. 

Channel Partner Trainings, on the other hand, are two-day courses for both C-Series and S-Series appliances to gather the knowledge to be able to successfully install Ironport appliances on customer premises. And both trainings are preparation for Associate level certification which is necessary for Partnership. 

Let me close the posting with some inside news which I got directly from Cisco Ironport people about the new developments on S-Series. I am sure many S-Series customers are waiting for these features since quite a time. 

-“Release 7.1, which will be released within the next few weeks, will have full real-time detailed reporting and Web Tracking (similar to Message Tracking) onbox.” This means we will not have to use a 3rd party tool anymore. 

-“RSA DLP onbox on the WSA is on the mid-term roadmap, so some time in the 2nd half of next year we should have it.” Most of the ESA users had already upgraded to new version and the getting most benefit from RSA DLP module. And now it is going to be integrated into WSA as well. 

Very good news!!!

Deniz Kaya is a senior security instructor at New Horizons Bulgaria
Deniz has planned, directed, and coordinated multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring goals and objectives were accomplished within time limitations and funding conditions. His core competency lies in areas of penetration testing, security assessments, enterprise network design, capacity planning and vendor evaluation. Equipped with Industry recognized certification under his belt, Deniz has demonstrated his determination to continuously self-improve and make his presence felt.

Deniz currently holds the prestigious industry certifications Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI #31650), CCIE Security Written, Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP), Cisco Ironport Certified Security Instructor (ICSI), Cisco Ironport Certified Security Professional (ICSP), Certified Penetration Testing Specialist (CPTS), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

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