On self-study through e-learning: Conversation with Alex, studying CCNA through New Horizons Learning Portal

Alex is preparing for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) through New Horizons Learning Portal – online learning courses. Today he came in our  training center to check his progress with some MeasureUp practice tests for CCNA. I asked him how he felt about the online learning solution we deliver in New Horizons:


Hello Alex.


Please tell us about your background.

I was born in Georgia, then moved to Russia, then moved to Holland where I studied for two years IT. Then I moved to Andora where we had a family business – retail store and other companies. When the crisis started and the economy fell apart, especially in Andora, I moved to Bulgaria to survive the crisis. I really enjoyed my studies in IT that’s why I decided to continue my studies here in Bulgaria. That’s how I came across New Horizons. I’ve heard about New Horizons before, but I didn’t expect to have an office here in Sofia. I couldn’t find any other education in English and no evening classes, that’s why New Horizons was the perfect choice for me.

How do you organize your self-study?

I’m not really organizing because I have all the time on my hands. I’m working on different projects with friends, I’m setting up a small network. So, basically I’m using all my free time to study.

What is the most difficult part in the preparation for the CCNA?

For me the the online learning portal covers everything. Also you can find everything on Wikipedia. Also you can search additional information on CCNP and related topics. But the online learning portal has all the graphics which you can print and put on the wall to remember.

Which are the most difficult topics?

I think the most difficult subjects in CCNA are subnetting and calculations, which I think is why they are requested so frequently on the practice tests.

What do you think about the MeasureUp practice tests?

The practice tests are helpful but they cover too many topics outside the CCNA. For example in Study mode of the practice test you can press „Explanation“ and often you get referred to Cisco documentation or other references.

Do you skip the additional information or you go through and use it in your preparation?

I go through it. Definitely, I check for every answer because I’m considering making career in networking in the future, and I’m thinking of going ahead to study CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional). So, everything I learn here will come in use later.

Thank you, Alex.

Sofia, April 8th 2010.

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